A Magazine

In a media environment of distraction, banality, triviality, and misinformation, it has seemed necessary to learn how to assume the responsibility of an editor: to decide what is important and worthy of our attention. This is the good life, redefined: faith hope love.

A Magazine

The good life, redefined: faith hope love

Writing, editing, and designing a magazine has been a dream of mine for a long time. I spent years gaining the education, skills, and work experience over my entire life with the goal of making this dream a reality. Then, the Internet became an engine of distraction, banality, triviality, and misinformation. In the overwhelming tsunami of information, was there really a need for yet another perspective?

I’m a generalist. I loved the idea of a magazine as a storehouse of information. But that’s what Google is for.

Still, the power of the editor is the ability to decide what is important. So, that’s the value that I can bring.

Introducing Faith Hope Love, a magazine.

The good life, redefined

Good things come in threes